What is Coco et Piaf

Coco et Piaf is a unique, fun and educational way to immerse yourself in French culture and language.

Music, stories, movement and games!

Coco et Piaf are workshops designed specifically for preschool and primary school children. The classes are fun and educational, and organized around music, stories, movement and games.

The workshops are online, live and interactive. Our French educators encourage participation, creating a fun and safe space where children and their families have a good time together. The learning and fun continue all week thanks to the weekly newsletter activities that complement each session.

  • Fun and engaging stories

    Coco and Piaf are characters that children can identify with or get attached to, whose funny stories encourage anyone to try and understand while having fun at the same time

  • A full immersion into French

    Des ateliers 100% en français avec des éducateurs et contenus narrés par des français natifs, pour une meilleure prononciation

  • Use of all the senses

    Images, expressions, sounds, movements are associated with words, to facilitate a better understanding and assimilation

  • Live interactions

    We pack our workshops with interaction and games to encourage children to repeat the words

  • Repetitions

    We make sure we repeat many times the key words during a workshop and from one workshop to the next

  • More French at home

    Each week we provide complementary sheets to repeat the words seen in the week's workshop and build on what we have learnt

  • Quality teaching from the comfort of your house

    Say goodbye to travel and hello to comfort! Coco et Piaf bring their high-quality workshops to your home or wherever you are.

  • An immersion in the French language and culture

    With native French educators and workshops that explore a different region of the country each week, Coco et Piaf is a true immersion in the French universe

  • Fun for all the family

    Adults also enjoy Coco et Piaf workshops!
    We provide a fun space for children to learn alongside adults.

  • Respect for the environment and diversity

    Families from different countries participate in the Coco et Piaf workshops and the little ones learn that recycling is part of the fun.


    Audrey is from Paris. After many years in London, she lives in Buenos Aires with her husband and her daughter. She is a digital producer and trained music educator for preschool children. She loves to sing... and cheese.


    Lydie is from the south of France. She is a preschool educator and gives French workshops to children in Buenos Aires. She also loves cheese... with jam!

  • COCO

    Coco is a charming and fun little frog who loves adventure and trying new things. Coco may be a little clumsy, but he spreads his enthusiasm to Piaf. He likes to dance, sing and, above all, eat.

  • PIAF

    Piaf is a perceptive little bird, who loves to learn and teach. He likes things planned and in order. He gets angry at Coco's mess but is always there to help her. He loves to read, paint and dance.