How it works

All you need to know about Coco et Piaf, the online French workshops for pre-school children



Register for a free taster class. Once registered, you will receive a welcome email, and, a few days before the class, an invitation in your calendar with a link to use for the class




On the day and time of the class, click on the link - connect, have fun!


Join us!

Enjoyed the free taster class? Now book it, and select the plan you prefer (one class, one month, 3 months, 6 months). Et voilà! Each week you will be receiving in your calendar an invitation which includes the link to use for the class. Enjoy!


Frequently asked questions

What age is Coco et Piaf for?

Coco et Piaf are immersion workshops in French culture and language developed for children between 3 and 9 years old. We do however sometimes have children younger or older who thoroughly enjoy our classes!

My child doesn't speak French and neither do I. Is this a problem?

The workshops are adapted to multiple levels of French so it is not a problem. We use images, sounds and movement to explain concepts and ideas. The workshops are held in French but, sometimes, we can translate a few instructions in English or Spanish, depending on the composition of the class.

What do I get when I register for Coco et Piaf?

When you register to Coco et Piaf, you get access to 1, 4, 13 or 26 online classes (depending on the pack you chose), live, at set times. To dig deeper at home, each week we also send you an email with info on the region we visited, tools to listen to the vocabulary again, links to hear the music played and the books read during the class.

What is your methodology?

Our methodology is based on verbal communication, and learning transmission through music, movement, games and stories.

The adventures and characters of Coco and Piaf keep the children interested and entertained, whilst we teach in each class key words and concepts.

We also value interaction and participation, which build a strong base for learning and rewards.

Coco et Piaf does not teach to read nor write in French. our approach is more of a light entertainment with clear and repeated learnings throughout the class.

Our workshops are run by French or Francophone natives.

How much does it cost?

You can find the prices directly in the product pages in your local currency (or the one accepted by Shopify). Don't hesitate to contact us for more info.

If you live in Argentina, please contact us directly and we can send you the latest prices.

How do the "economic packs" work?

With the economic packs, you have the option to subscribe to 1 workshop (1 class), 4 workshops, 13 or 26. The more workshops you subscribe to, the more you save *

*offer not available for Argentina

What is your price policy for siblings and family?

If siblings connect together to Coco et Piaf, you only pay for one person. If they connect from two different computers or in different times, the second one only pays half price.

We also love to see cousins connecting! If cousins join, we give a 10% discount to both families on full prices.

And if you recommend us to friends and they subscribe to Coco et Piaf, you get one month of Coco et Piaf free!

Can I try Coco et Piaf?

Of course! We offer a free tasting class so you can see if you like the approach. Just register here for a one-off class in one of our running workshops

Do I need material for a Coco et Piaf class?

You don't need any material to attend a class of Coco et Piaf. We may occasionally ask you to have some props at hand, but these will always be objects that are easy to find anywhere at home.